The Learner with Down Syndrome

The more children with Down syndrome you know, the more it is apparent that not all children with Down syndrome are alike.

The Learning Process

At any given time, we could be seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting - or doing any combinations of these things. Usually we are able to filter out the information that is not important and focus on the events and objects in our environment that are most important to us at the moment.

Teaching Tools

Effective teaching starts with educational teams discovering what their students already know, and what they need to know, one step at a time, to have a successful life.

Guidelines for Teachers

Children with Down syndrome learn differently than their peers in some very important ways. This section contains useful information for teachers who have students with Down syndrome in their classrooms. 

Managing Challenging Behaviour

Tips on how to best manage challenging behavior in the classroom from students with Down syndrome.